About me, and the studio.


My name is Matias Menarguez, I'm a professional on-demand drummer from Buenos Aires, Argentina; now based in New Jersey, USA.
I have been in the music industry for over 20 years, which has given me the opportunity to play alongside tremendously talented artists such as Hitalo Coello, Dario Iscaro, Chucho Valdés (masterclass), Richard Bona (masterclass), Javier Malosetti, Pedro Aznar, Natalia Cociuffo, Todd Clouser, Hernan Hecht, Mariano Chiesa, amongst others.
I have lead and participated in a wide variety of projects from which I learnt to be fluid in a multitude of genres and specializing myself in Jazz.

Along my journey I had the opportunity to meet and had one on one learning sessions from my idols, such as Mark Guiliana, Greg Hutchinson, Dorian Mori and Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla among other great masters.

With more than 180 remote drum recordings, 4 albums produced, 3 albums fully mixed, I always aim to wholeheartedly serve the music and exceed your expectations.

the studio

Time and budget constraints can sometimes hinder the optimal drum recording process. To counter this, I offer top-tier drum recording services using professional, industry-standard equipment. My commitment to clear communication and prompt delivery ensures that your musical vision is realized without compromise.